Physics, Philosophy, and Painting- Oh My!

Have you ever drawn inspiration from an idea you cultivated in the past? I often find my best ideas stemming from projects I've worked on years ago. My experiences in the advertising business planted a garden's worth of seeds in my head. I'm lucky enough to get to enjoy the creative crop now. 

I get a kick out of the process of straining ideas out of my experiences or opportunities that the universe sends my way. I try my best to get at least a few laughs in each day and enjoy the humor of everyday life. I think you can see this in my paintings. Time takes me away when I have a brush in my hand. It's an enchanting experience that seems to feed into the continuous stream of energy I get in the studio.

Einstein, among other scientists, claimed that all we do is made up of energy- our creations, emotions, attractions.
We're constantly buzzing about, encapsulated in clouds of vibrating atoms that attract our outcomes. There's nothing new to this- it's simply physics. A happy, positive vibration receives a positive opportunity. You're responsible for training yourself to be a state-of-the-art receiver. 

When creating "Gravity", I figured that depicting an apple is almost a rite of passage as a painter. Every seasoned artist has a series of still-life paintings in their gallery. I even pushed myself: put the apple in action. I painted it like you'd see it falling from a tree like the one that was just about to hit Newton on the noggin.