Love at First Sight

This original oil painting tries to capture "Love at first sight." It can happen anywhere, anytime… thus the black background. These two just locked eyes. She says "Hi." He says "I found you." They are soulmates. This isn't the first time they have found each other. And it won't be the last. What they do know is this is the one. This is the person they searched for in this life. They recognize it intuitively.

Now before this becomes a super-soapy Hallmark plot consider the beam of energy between our characters. Hmm, lots of ups and downs, twists and turns. Yeah, all the energy of a real relationship. Will it be "Happily ever after?" Will it turn toxic? Will one of them cheat? Will the wrong word at the wrong time destroy years of married life? I don't know. Artists ask questions. The answers are left to you. Art’s interpretive to

He's kind of a scruffy guy with a determined look who has just been hit with a thunderbolt. She's a fabulously sweet and beautiful woman whose dangerous eyes are capable of shooting thunderbolts.

The challenge in this painting was capturing their personalities with color, drawing and values. Check her fair, flawless beauty contrasted with his ruddy good looks and a bristly beard. But finally, it's all in the eyes.

And I wish them well.