Forecast Says Scattered Sprinkles

I call this my grocery period. This one plus another on popcorn, one on apples, and the meatball painting. Food has always been featured in still life paintings, mostly grapes, apples, lemons… However, there is nothing still about "Gigantic Sprinkles."

I decided to feature the ubiquitous vanilla ice cream cone. Simple. But now let's make it different. Gigantic sprinkles. Yeah, sprinkles the size of fireplace logs bombarding the cone. Original. Fun.
I compose my paintings in PhotoShop. Photographed a plate of real sprinkles. The work of resizing and placing them in the image took longer than actually painting it.

It's done in oils. To really pop the sprinkles, I used new luminous colors close to neon on the black background. The highlights and subtle shadows give them their distinctive form.

The action, color and subject of this painting give it a happy-go-lucky vibe perfect for a kid's room. Now as they grow up, they may become aware that this picture also speaks to a "super-sized" society gone a bit wacky.