Donut Rush the Process

It’s interesting, remembering how this donut painting came to be. I came across this gorgeous shot of this donut.

This was when I was just getting started and I thought I invented this new technique of painting the whole thing in acrylics as an undercoat...working out colors, values, composition, etc. Then finishing it in oils. Later I found out that this wasn't such a new technique. And I wasn't such a smart boy after all.

The actual oil painting was fascinating because of all the browns I had to mix to realize the tempting essence of this donut. I had to get the shine to be glossy, yet believable. That took a few tries till the value and color was right. While donuts themselves may be a simple pleasure, a donut painting was anything but simple to create.

The teal background was a no-brainer compliment to the browns and tans of the donut. Later, I came across one of Van Gogh's Sunflower paintings and his background was teal, too. So I guess I made the right choice.

Speaking of Van Gogh, every time I visit the Art Institute of Chicago, I make a beeline for the Impressionists at the top of the main stairway. The Monets and Renoirs like luminescent summer days. Then, once I walked by a Van Gogh. It seemed to grab me by the collar and pull me back shouting, "Hey take a good look and listen to what I've got to say!" His paintings seem to demand your attention. Amazing.

The most intimidating step in the "Donut" painting was painting the shadow. I used a big soft mop brush and a wash of a dark color. The first attempt was a mess. I thought I ruined the painting. So I practiced on some small canvas boards. I cleaned the first attempt and applied the second with a more translucent wash. It worked. Most of my mistakes are because I'm too impatient. I'm working on that.